Market Matters Inc. (MM Inc.) is an independent, not-for-profit, international development organization.

Founded in 2002, MM Inc. develops and implements capacity- and network-building programs that put marketing principles, business strategies, and research findings into practice to foster economic development.

Our programs help enterprising companies develop growth strategies that enhance their competitiveness and empower them to develop local markets and access resources to compete in regional and global markets.

We work with small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets; currently, our geographic focus is Sub-Saharan Africa, with plans to expand to other regions of the world. MM Inc.’s headquarters are in Ithaca, NY (USA); it also has a regional office in Pretoria (South Africa).

MM Inc.’s logo of three interlocking circles represents our aim to build and strengthen links among three key players of economic development – markets, firms, and communities – and in the process promote economic growth.


Our vision is to have a profound impact on the management of firms in emerging markets by providing entrepreneurs access to leading practitioners and educators in the areas of business management and training.


The mission of Market Matters Inc. is to improve the marketing and product strategies of small-to-medium size firms in emerging markets so they can make a greater contribution to the standard of living in their respective communities.