Eunice K. Mwongera


Owner/Director of Hillside Green Growers and Exporters Ltd.

Eunice K. Mwongera

Eunice Mwongera is the type of entrepreneur whose faith and values are quietly embodied in every aspect of her successful company, Hillside Green Growers. In her processing plant, located in Nairobi, she employs mostly women, many of whom are single mothers from the informal settlement of Kibera. Mwongera’s approach to entrepreneurship stems from her commitment to making a positive difference into the world. Her efforts have been rewarded with a successful, growing business based on traceability of her products and efficiency in her operations.

Launched in 1998 with a single shipment of mangoes to a client in Dubai, today Hillside has a product line of over twenty items and an annual turnover of US $700,000-$900,000. Recently, the company decided to enter the domestic market as well with their products and has expanded to online marketing in order to reach more consumers. At present, the company employs 25 permanent employees and 150 part-time/seasonal workers, and it also partners with 500-800 rural smallholder farmers to grow peas, avocados and mangoes. Hillside supports farmers’ access to inputs, including certified seeds, and access to finance through a partnership with Equity Bank. The company facilitates training, seminars, and workshops on good agricultural practices and GlobalGAP certification.

Hillside’s new online marketing initiative.

In the busy Hillside pack house.

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