John Lennos Makoni

Agribusiness Entrepreneur 2010

Chief Executive Officer of Gross Food and Agriculture Holdings (Pvt) Ltd Incorporating

John Lennos Makoni

On May 13, 2010, Market Matters Inc. announced its 2010 recipient of the African Agribusiness Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The recognition went to Mr. John Lennos Makoni, Chief Executive Officer of Gross Food and Agriculture Holdings (Pvt) Ltd Incorporating.

A self-described entrepreneur, Makoni summarizes his mission as follows: “My mission is to be a force for positive change and to inspire others to greatness through being a catalyst for action and through developing a shared vision of that which is possible under God. I will strive to continually invent the future out of my imagination rather than being a victim of the past. I will strive to choose my way, honouring courage, justice, humility, kindness, understanding, personal integrity and above all God’s natural Laws.”

Gross Food Agriculture Holdings (GFAH) was founded by John Lennos Makoni, an agriculturalist who recognized the opportunities that existed in the agriculture industry after the downturn of agriculture in Zimbabwe from the year 2000. GFAH was incorporated in 2007 as a holding company to consolidate the interests that John Makoni had in several companies that were involved in the agriculture value chain.

The company is the holding company for Pristine Seeds (production and marketing of various crop seeds), Semente Perfeita (Mozambique), Pristine Seeds Limited (Malawi), Cropchem Zimbabwe (marketing and distributing agro chemicals), Agro Warehouse (marketing and distribution of agro inputs and farm implements and trading in food commodities), Pristine Horticulture (export horticulture and production of organic insecticides and environmental health products based on the insecticidal pyrethrum flower) and Hinplough Agriculture, a farming venture.

The vision of GFAH is to be a market leader in quality agro-input delivery to all classes of farmers, while adding value to farmers’ outputs. Its mission is to contribute to the livelihoods of African farmers through quality agro-inputs, while significantly improving the economic well-being and quality of life of all stakeholders.

The award was presented by Professor Ralph Christy (CEO, Market Matters Inc.) and Professor Mohammad Karaan (Dean of AgriSciences, Stellenbosch University). Mr. Makoni was accompanied by his wife and business partner, Wendy Makoni.

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