Mahenye N.C. Muya

Agribusiness Entrepreneur 2014

Owner/Managing Director of Suba Agro Trading and Engineering Co. Ltd (SATEC)

Mahenye N.C. Muya

Mahenye Muya started SATEC, a family-owned and -operated business, in 1996. The Tanzania-based company started out by selling seeds, fertilizers and other inputs, and after its initial success, it has grown into one of the leading seed and agro-chemicals companies in Tanzania. SATEC’s mission is “To become the leading partner in transforming small scale farmers in Tanzania into world-class level”. Along with its success, SATEC has also increased its number of employees, from a mere 2 at the start to the current 89 permanent staff and approximately 200-250 seasonal workers. The company supplies over 300 agrodealers across the country and is now producing 2000-3000mt of seeds per year.

Under the outstanding leadership of Mahenye Muya, the company has grown rapidly by finding innovative ways to reach farmers at the village level. The company has also invested in value addition of crops to improve farmer outputs. Its notable achievement include:

– SATEC has designed and implemented an innovative marketing and promotion system for agro-inputs, which has contributed to an increase in farmers’ adoption rate of improved inputs from 5% in 2001 to more than 20% in 2013 in SATEC’s markets.

– SATEC established its own agro-processing and commodity trading company, FRASAL Intertrade, which is running a highly successful contract farming scheme for small scale sesame seed farmers. The company is looking to duplicate this successful program with sunflowers and sorghum in the near future.

Mr. Muya, the 2014 recipient of the African Agribusiness Entrepreneur of the Year Award

SATEC sells a wide range of agro-inputs

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